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Have you been thinking about trying West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing is one of the most versatile styles of partner dancing around the world! It can be danced to almost any genre of music and is also great and fun style for beginners, as it is fun and we will guide you step by step.


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New Class Term

New Class Term

Wednesday July 31, 2024 - 6:40 p.m.

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Next Trial classes will be announced soon!

Try our beginner West Coast Swing classes at 6:40pm-7:30pm to really learn the basic skills step by step so when you are ready to learn specific dance moves you already know how to do them


Join our classes on Wednesday nights in Woolloongabba at The Queensland Russian Community Centre to start taking your first steps



Next new 8 week block starting date:


Our next block  , so please come along and join in. You don’t need a partner to come along as we swap partners throughout the class so everyone has the chance to learn and practice.


We want you to feel confident in your dancing as soon as possible! Our members are some of the most supportive people you’ll find anywhere and learning with them is not just fun, it’s rewarding.


Social dancing between classes


After each of our classes we have social dancing for 10 minutes where you can really put the steps learned in class to work.


We also have 3 levels of classes so that there is always more new things for you to learn in this amazing dance!

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